Hi, I'm Lila!

I'm wife, mom, & author in San Jose, California.

Hello! đź‘‹ I'm glad you're here.

While I would love to have you over for a meal to let us get to know each other, that's unfortunately not always possible. But at least we have the internet! And I'm glad you found my little corner of it.

I live in the Silicon Valley with my husband and two little girls. As a family, we like hiking, petting dogs, and eating good food. As an individual, I like crafting, reading, and cooking good food.

In the late nights of rocking my littlest one this year, my mind started to wander. That wandering eventually turned into what would be my debut children's book A Little Christian's 123s. It's been fun to combine my loves of writing, Jesus, and children into something that kids will hopefully be able to enjoy for years to come!

In the process of publishing my book, I created Seedings Books. Head over there for everything about my books, bulk purchases, upcoming books, freebies, and more! I hope to publish even more Seedlings Books in the future!

A Little Christian's 123s

A Little Christian's 123s is a fun book that teaches numbers and Bible stories! I am so excited to give kids such a fun and engaging book, and give parents a book is enjoyable to read over and over.

Seedlings Books

Along the road to publish A Little Christian's 123s, I created Seedlings Books! I hope to publish more through Seedings Books in the future.

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Let's Talk!

I'm not on social media, but hopefully that doesn't mean we can't be friends.

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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